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SKY POS and GALEB signed a partnership agreement on the cooperation and sale of SKY POS software equipment.
Partnership - sky pos - galeb

In July of this year, more precisely on 31.07.2017. a partnership agreement was signed between Galeb System d.o.o. from Sabac - the largest Serbian producer of fiscal devices and Novi Sad company NAV Soft d.o.o. - manufacturers of SKY POS software.
The contract said that Galeb will distribute and sell SKY POS software in its stores throughout Serbia, with the support of the SKY POS team.

Our aim is to provide quality and professional support to all our customers together with our Galeb partners.

Both companies agree that this type of cooperation will make for good results and that the clients will have many advantages, but above all, increasing the availability of SKY POS software purchase or rental.
Both companies will focus on delivering exceptional solutions and services to all their customers.

For the SKY POS team, cooperation with Galeb is of great importance, especially in the field of brand expansion and distribution, because they have received a significant and influential business partner.

Galeb, as a business partner, is able to offer a complete solution, without further development and investment, and thus achieve better competitiveness in its market.

The Galeb company, founded in 1977, is one of the leaders in the field of entrepreneurship in our area in the field of production, sales and service of electrical tools and equipment for the industry. Thanks to their long tradition in the field of electronics, they have become the largest Serbian manufacturer of fiscal devices and terminals for remote reading of data from fiscal devices, signal systems for railways, GPS systems, metal processing, metal and plastic packaging.
You can read more about Galeb on the following link -
The conclusion is that we have a common goal, which is to optimize and maximize the potential of this partnership through long-term cooperation.