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The SKY POS restaurant software is ideal for any type of restaurant and perfectly suits their needs.

It is accessible and easy to use.
This restaurant program is designed to provide the restauran with all the necessary tools to speed up the service and increase the efficiency of operations.
SKY POS makes management very simple, and many benefits come from it:

- faster and better service,
- facilitates the start-up and development of business,
- promotes sales/service,
- provides restaurants with the ability to connect directly with guests.

Keep your guests smiling!


After applying we will send you all the necessary instructions to your e-mail address.

VVIDEO PRESENTATION - SKY POS restaurants software

Video presentation shows real examples, in practice, that are used daily by caterers for SKY POS and SKY OFFICE applications.

Fast and efficient service in your restaurant!

SKY POS software for restaurants

SKY POS and SKY TABLET are POS applications most used by waiters, and they represent the backbone of business, since the entire workflow depends on them.
The SKY TABLET application does not differ from SKY POS functionality, except that it is optimized for use on tablet devices.
If you need restaurant software, then these applications are the right choice for you.
Enjoy the POS system that is easy to learn and use. Give your guests a fast and efficient service through quick orders and mobile POS terminals.

Our restaurant management system provides fast and accurate service:

- touch-screen optimization,
- one-click sale,
- graphic tables,
- Happy hours,
- Loyalty system,
- closing the day automatically,
- working with tours and fast tables,
- RFID cards and bracelets ...
Management is easy and error free!

This restaurant software and its intuitive graphical interface allow you to professionally manage your guests and the entire business within the restaurant. What we should emphasize in terms of SKY POS and SKY TABLET applications is that they do not only improve things in terms of restaurant management, but facilitate, accelerate and organize the entire process of work of the entire staff.
The owners of the restaurants will solve numerous problems that they encounter every day with this application.
Take the things into your own hands, solve problems, and lift your business to a higher level.
You wonder how?

The answer is in this waiter application:

- faster and easier issuance of bills,
- easier communication between staff and kitchen,
- prevents manipulation of waiters and bartenders,
- records of regular guests and management of discounts (Loyalty system),
- closing the day automatically at a certain time,
- application stability.

Without the manager application, the software is just a register!

SKY OFFICE software for restaurants

If you are looking for a unique software solution for managing the entire restaurant, which is easy to use and also works on any portable device, you are in the right place. SKY OFFICE application is part of our restaurant program, which allows managers and owners to easily manage POS units.
SKY OFFICE application for complete management of SKY POS, SKY TABLET and SKY TOUCH units.

Basic functionality:

- procurement, return, write-off, catering, codes, stocks,
- automatic production based on sales,
- Inventory with the scales,
- DPU list, sales calculation,
- unlimited number of graphic and tabular reports.

Restaurant software that allows you to read business reports on the go!

SKY MOBILE software for restaurants
Yes, you read that well - SKY MOBILE!

This is restaurant software that allows each manager and owner an insight into the business through any mobile device. When you have online insights into turnovers, open tables, the current stock on your mobile device, one thing is sure, your everyday life will be unthinkable without it! Installation of the application is simple and we provide all our users with an unlimited number of free installations, if they are already using SKY POS for their restaurants.

Why is SKY MOBILE so popular:

- working with multiple business units,
- overview of financial turnover per employee,
- overview of financial transactions according to the method of payment,
- overview of financial traffic through a graphic report
- overview of the account archive,
- overview of open tables,
- overview of inventories,
- check-ins and check-outs of workers.

Restaurant software that speeds up orders!

SKY TOUCH software for restaurants

SKY TOUCH application is intended for waiters and vendors who can remotely make orders. It is primarily intended for restaurants, with a high frequency of guests, because it speeds up the ordering system and the efficiency of the waiter himself. This restaurant software, with the installation of a waiter application, makes it easier for staff to track the type of accounts and simplify the billing process. Moreover, through a special display system, all orders are also displayed in the kitchen, in order to get started with the preparation of the order, which also results in faster and better service.

The SKY TOUCH application reduces potential business errors and increases the speed of the service:

- registration of an employee through a PIN code system,
- work with products and product groups,
- remote creation and editing of orders,
- issuing all kinds of accounts,
- Loyalty system,
- working the tables,
- work with POS WIFI printers.



Hacienda rodizio
Jelena Stojanović - We have been using SKY POS since 2012

We have been using SKY POS since 2012 for our business. We have complete integration with accounting and we do business without additional papers. In addition to great functionality in SKY POS (automatic download of tables for waiters, manual consumption, ...), we would mention the “business lunch” selling place that works well for a large number of guests and represents the basis of our business.

W sushi bar

W sushi bar
Dragana Lazić - We have a complete insight into the business

We avoided large investments in expensive software and demanding computers, with the help of SKY POS, we now have full control of our business, accurate and quick insight, wherever we are. The team of people who work on SKY POS is great and I greet them!

Tija Homa

Tija Homa
Filip Ćirić - We met in 2014 and we’ve been friends since

We found the SKY POS software in 2014 and have been using it since. In addition to the complete integration with accounting that makes it easy for us to do business, I would also like to mention a mobile application that I use every day where I can keep track of events and events in the restaurant.