Terms of use

Terms of use

By using the system www.sky-pos.rs, agree and accept the terms and conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as "via") as listed below.

This Web site is wholly owned by the company NAV SOFT Ltd. All software used on the site is exclusively designed and developed for systems www.sky-pos.rs and is protected by international laws governing this field. The content and software on the site can only be used for personal purposes, for purchases over the Internet. If you want the system www.sky-pos.rs use for commercial purposes or in a different way than what is described here, please contact us by e-mail at the following address: info@sky-pos.rs.

SKY POS is a registered trademark www.sky-pos.com. It is forbidden to use the name or emblem by any service, product, or service that has nothing to do with the system www.sky-pos.rs. It is forbidden to use the names and likeness of characters with their name and logo www.sky-pos.rs can mislead users and third parties to any service, product or service have to do with SKY POS system or enterprise NAV SOFT Ltd.

SKY POS reserves the right to refuse service to people who are determined to abuse. If users are false and the like, www.sky-pos.rs has the right to prevent such users to continue to use the system SKY POS. If you want to sign similar user behavior, and thus improve your business www.sky-pos.rs system, please contact us at the address info@sky-pos.rs.

You understand and agree that SKY POS system may have errors in the operation, design errors or other problems and use of the Service may result in unforeseen damage or loss, including, but not limited to, unexpected results or loss of data. SKY POS under no circumstances be held liable for any resulting damages (including, but not limited to, special, accidental or consequential damages, loss of profits or loss of data, regardless of the foreseeability of such damages) arising out of or related to the use or system performance www.sky-pos.rs or any materials or services that you offer www.sky-pos.rs. Limitation of liability applies in terms of damages for other information, services, products, advice or products which were reached via links or advertisements on the system www.sky-pos.rs. Under no circumstances www.sky-pos.rs is not responsible for any delay or interruption of the system www.sky-pos.rs, caused directly or indirectly by natural forces, natural disasters or causes that are beyond the reasonable control, which includes, but not limited to, problems in the functioning of the Internet failures, computer equipment or problems with the same problems in the functioning of telecommunications equipment or networks, or other types of devices and equipment, power failures, illness of employees, lack of cooperation of third parties, all kinds of social turmoil, orders of domestic and international courts.

SKY POS reserves the right for any reason and without notice change the Terms of Use from time to time, change the price list and change the system www.sky-pos.rs at any time, including the right to terminate the Service with or without notice, without responsibility to you or any other third party. All such changes on the system SKY POS will be posted on the site and all changes are effective immediately upon publication on the website. You undertake to periodically go to the Terms of Use, to be promptly informed of any changes. Using the system www.sky-pos.rs by releasing changes in the terms of use, you agree and accept the changes.